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HEllo, I'm
Josy Zareen

Choreographer - Naturopath ND - Graphic Designer


  • Name: Josy Zareen
  • Email: josy@josy.is
  • Date of birth: 14 February
  • Address: Reykjavik, Iceland

Professional Profile

I'm originally from Brazil, and I moved to Iceland in summer 1999. I'm passionate for arts in general, I started performing as a music artist when I was 10, playing in weddings and private parties. My Organist career started when I was only 14 years old. Dance was always my unlimited hobby. I guess I try everything related to dance, and I still want to learn more!!! "I breath arts, it runs through my veins, and I feel that there is nothing impossible when it comes to learn something you really want to...".

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Just My Awesome Skills

I consider myself smart and good heart person. Beside my professional skills, I'm a Naturopath MD and a Tai chi chuan instructor (Chen style). If you have any question and want to contact me, please, feel free to drop me a line!.







The man who says he can, and the man that says he can´t are both correct. (Confucious)

  • Japanese, Chines, Thai and Classic Massage Therapist
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Tai Chi Chuan instructor
    (Chen style)
  • Musician
  • Painter
  • Dance teacher


My passion for music started in my childhood. I was only 5 when I got my first keyboard. And with the age of 9, I was in a Music School in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). With 14 years old I was the youngest teacher and I was also a member of the church Organists in Brazil. Instruments I play: Organ, Keyboard, Piano, Transverse Flute, Drums and Tabla.

Massage Therapy and Holistic health center

Therapeutic treatments

At the moment I'm working in a Holistic Therapy Center, Costa Verde Nuddstofan (Hveralfold 1-3).
Milton Piano School

Rio de Janeiro

Experienced Theory and Music teacher at The Milton Piano School, located in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.
Yamaha Music School

Authorized Teacher

I play in any kind of events. And the music can be requested in advance.


Check out my dance web page www.magadans.is. Experienced in MAGADANS, BOLLYWOOD/BHANGRA, LATIN DANCES, HAWAIIAN AND TAHITIAN, and BURLESQUE/GATSBY.

My Art

Since childhood, my passion for art and creativity developed and intensified with every brush stroke. As a child, I was surrounded by relatives and friends with a special talent for graphics and the visual arts. This stimulated my fantasy and imagination. At Art school it was my favourite subject and I believe my Art teachers were quite happy with my work. I attended a few workshops with amazing artists in Brazil, that turned my art skills into a much brighter and experience through the years. My favorite types of art are focused into the theater, wall and pop art portrait paint.

Pop Art
Wider grip on making pop art with more comical and attractive look.
experienced in oil paintings to give a fine retouch and creative drawings and arts with oil.
make mind blowing art pigment in acrylic polymer emulsion.


Let's Keep In Touch

If you want to request some of my works, please feel free to write me a line, message or a email. I would loveto hear from you!.

Josy Zareen
Only by request

I'm also on Social Networks

I have a Youtube Channel and feel free to check it out! also write me on FB.

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Josy Zareen

Be true to yourself...
Be passionate...
Feel the love...
keep dreaming...